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4 RV Camping Hacks You Should Know About

4 RV Camping Hacks You Should Know About

Many families love to go on RV adventures during the summertime, and it’s easy to see why. RV trips are an excellent way to see the country and explore. You’re able to go basically anywhere, but are there ways you can make the trip more efficient? These four RV camping hacks will help your travels go smoothly.

Carry a Basic Tool Kit

A basic tool kit will enable you to make minor repairs. Ensure the kit contains the following tools:

  • A cordless drill

  • Screwdriver (flathead and Phillips)

  • Wrenches

  • Screws of varying size

  • Various bits

This small kit will come in handy and get you out of some sticky situations.

Pack Pine Cones

Yes, you read that right—pack pine cones! It may seem like a silly request, but there’s a reason. Pine cones are excellent fire starters. They readily burst into flame when you light them and activate a fire. Simply toss a few cones onto the fire when you’re ready to make dinner or roast some marshmallows for s’mores. So before you set off on your RV adventure, gather a bag or two full of pine cones.

Close the Propane Valve Before Traveling

This hack may seem obvious, but it’s a common mistake. Traveling with your propane tank valve open is incredibly dangerous. As you drive down the road, the tank will shake. This shaking causes areas, like propane lines and connections, to loosen or come apart. This presents a fire hazard in your RV, which you should avoid at all costs. Therefore, before taking off and driving, double- and triple-check that you closed the propane tank valve. This assurance will keep you and your family safe during your RV travels.

Bring a Collapsible Storage Tote

Storage totes come in handy for many situations. You can use them to store food, tools, and other equipment for easy access. You can also use a storage tote to create a makeshift table. Plus, you can easily collapse and store them when you’re not using them. They’ll be out of the way and ready when you need them.

Use these four RV camping hacks for your next adventure. But of course, you can’t have an RV adventure with an RV. If you want to go the rental route, Sportsman’s RV Rentals is the premier RV rental for Northern Texas and is here to help. Our Fort Worth RV rentals will get you and your family on the road safely. Reach out for more information!

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