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Long-Term RV Rentals




Natural Disaster

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Sportsman's RV Rentals specializes in temporary housing RV rentals throughout the State of Texas and surrounding states with the ability to expand nationwide for rentals of a minimum of three months. 

We are your long-term RV rental specialist for numerous scenarios with years of experience not only in the RV rental business but also dealing directly with your insurance company utilizing A.L.E (Additional Living Expense) benefits. These benefits cover you in the event you find yourself displaced from your home for a variety of reasons including:

  • Natural Disaster Relief

  • Flood Damage

  • Fire Damage

  • Mold eradication

  • New home build/re-build

  • Corporate long term housing solutions

A.L.E benefits require the insurance company at the least, to provide "like" accommodations for your family. If your scenario must leave you close to your home, RV Temporary Housing Solutions is perfect for you. Sportsman's RV Rentals can deliver an RV directly to your home or property so you can:

  • Supervise the construction and re-build and monitor progress

  • Stay close to your friends, family, and kids schools, particularly when hotel accommodations are not convenient.

  • Care for your family pets or farm animals. Often times a hotel wouldn't allow you to care for your animals.

We work directly with insurance companies when necessary to handle all claim details and to alleviate the hassle so you can concentrate on getting back to living. Sportsman's RV Rentals can also handle the delivery and set up of the unit and bring your long-term RV rental to you. We offer multiple floorplans to accommodate your family needs including one and two bedroom models.  All of Sportsman's RV Rentals long term temporary housing unit will come fully stocked with full kitchen, bathroom, and linen kits to help make your transition easier and quicker. We also offer models with residential refrigerators, washer and dryers, and some with multiple fireplaces.

There's a few big ticket items the RV will need that Sportsman's RV Rentals can assist with.  First, RV's require a specialty electrical plug to power all the components they come equipped with. A licensed electrician can quickly install a 50 amp RV receptacle to power the RV and needs to be located within 20 feet of the RV. The camper will also need water, a household water spicket will do, again ideally within 20 feet of the RV location. Last is the ability to vacate waste from the holding tanks. If you have access to a septic system or sewer connection, the RV can simply be plugged into your existing plumbing. If neither are an option, Sportsman's RV Rentals can help coordinate a dump schedule where a truck is brought out to dump the holding tanks. This is usually paid for by your insurance policy.

Contact us to learn more about our long-term RV rentals and reserve yours today!


Do you deliver? Yes, we can bring the RV trailer directly to you and professionally set the unit up, level it, and hook up all of the utilities. Hassle Free. Then give you a full walkthrough of all onboard systems.

Do you allow pets? Yes, with exceptions! We do not allow clawed cats unless kenneled. Dogs are allowed with prior authorization.

Do you allow smoking? No, out of courtesy to other renters we have a no smoking policy.

What if something were to go wrong? If any major component failure were to occur during your stay simply reach out to a Sportsman's RV Rentals via phone or email and our team will respond immediately to get the item fixed to minimize the effects upon your family.

Who handles insurance and payments? Sportsman's RV Rentals can work directly with your insurance company and handle all aspects of the claim as it pertains to the RV temporary Housing. We will even handle all billing and payments.

We offer a vast selection of large RV's for your temporary housing with competitive rates and can accommodate month to month rentals all the way up to 12 month long stays allowing you to stay on your property and close to your personal items. 

We are dedicated professionals with 10 years of experience in the RV Rental business.

Reach out today to see if Sportsman's RV Rentals can help your family in the worst of times. Our rapid response team is always ready to help and can react quickly to any situation and can deploy assets quickly to get your family on the path to recovery. 

Reach out to us today for more information and pricing.


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