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RV Rentals in Texas


Sportsman’s RV Rentals is a family-owned business that has been providing quality RV rentals in North Texas for over 10 years. Our large fleet of fully stocked recreational vehicles for rent are professionally maintained and sure to provide the perfect vacation experience. With our extensive range of vehicles, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect RV to suit your needs. Come join the Sportsman’s family and experience the thrill of the open road!  

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Where could your next adventure take you?

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Class A

Class C

Travel Trailer

Fifth Wheels

What to expect with Sportsman's RV Rentals

Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens
Fully stocked kitchens, bathrooms, and linens

It all started years ago when our twins were first born. We had a camper that we wore the tires off of with our young family. Every weekend when Chad wasn't flying we were in the camper. We learned early on that no matter how fun camping was, the loading and unloading would suck the spirit of the trip right out of us. So we started stocking our camper with all the essentials to make load and go easy! When we later started Sportsman's RV Rentals, we kept that same principal and were the first to offer fully stocked units. This is to help make your experience that much more fluid and enjoyable. We don't want you to have to park the RV rental in your driveway to unload the kitchen and spare bedrooms in search of pots and pans and linens!

Some of the items included

  • Kitchen

    • Pots and Pans​

    • Silverware, utenisls, 

    • Plates, cups, bowls, 

    • coffee pot (drip style), toaster, hand towels

    • Broom, dish soap

  • Bathroom

    • Toilet paper (RV/Septic safe)​

    • bath towels

    • RV Toilet chemicals

  • Linens

    • Part time beds, (tables and dinettes) will not be supplied

    • Blankets, sheets, and pillows for all the (full time) beds

    • Upgraded mattress in all units.

  • RV Accessories

    • All travel trailers will have full weight distribution hitch​ with sway control and tow ball

    • Blocks, chalks, and leveling equipment, with 4 ft level

    • Water hoses, septic hoses with all attachments

    • Power chords

Contact us today to learn more about our RV rentals in Texas and get ready for your next adventure! 

We had the best vacation! The team at Sportsman’s RV was so helpful in the entire experience. We had the most thorough and helpful walk through of the RV (which we recorded and used later!), and everyone was available and helpful with all questions we had before and during the trip. The RV was clean, stocked, and had everything we needed. This is the A+ experience you are looking for, I highly recommend!

Elizabeth J

We had an amazing experience, it was our first trip with an rv so we were a little nervous, but Chad and Nick made everything easier, on our way back we were actually planning another trip, we’re thankful with them for the great service. 💕

Ana L

Super friendly staff, very accommodating and helpful.This was our first ever RV trip and it went off without a hitch (pun intended). The camper was easy to tow and simple to setup. Faster to drop and setup the camper than a tent, and you have everything A/C, stovetop, shower, and commode. We covered some ground with this camper, traveling to Mount Rushmore, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and Palo Duro Canyon.What a great adventure!thanks Sportsman's RV

Julie S

Chad and his crew were a pleasure to deal with, even allowed early pickup which helped my particular situation a ton. My family had a blast in the large Sport Trek, particularly my children who had an entire bunkhouse to themselves. Having the double AC units helped keep us cool and the outdoor kitchen and entertainment system was the best.

Tony H

Chad, Nick and the entire crew are amazing! We decided to plan a little getaway before Thanksgiving with the kids. The trailer was fully stocked with all the utinsels that we would need for the trip. Lots of room for the kids and they loved the bunk room.

April E

Make money with your RV!

Start making money today on your RV with Sportsman's RV Rental's owner management program.

How does it work? Easy, a portion of our rental fleet is on the management lease back program. If you have a newer model clean Class A, Class C, Class B, travel trailer, or fifth wheel, simply place it on our fleet and start earning income towards your monthly payments. We do all the hard work!

What's included? Our program is packed full of great benefits for you including free storage, free insurance, and professional management of your unit. 

  • Storage, this doesn't mean we are going to park it in our backyard! Sportsman's RV Rentals own's and is co-located with Fort Worth RV and Boat Storage, a 7.5 acre fully gated and secured, 24-hour access facility with state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Ask about our covered options (when available).

  • Insurance, another great benefit of the program is that you are covered while under the program on our commercial insurance policy. The coverage also extends to you when you use your unit for personal use. Renters will also be covered up to $1M while in your RV.

  • Management Duties, when we say we handle it all...we mean it. Sportsman's RV handles all interactions with the renter from the first call all the way until they return from their trip. We will also handle all routine maintenance while on the program. The monthly management fee is often less than what you're paying now to store and insure your unit...while it sits with no earning potential. 


What's the benefit? Again easy, you use your RV as often as you want and as many times as you want. Just give us a call and we'll block it off for you. When you aren't using it there's always potential for that income! If it's not on a rental and you are not using it, rest assured its secured and insured.  We have over 10 years' experience renting, storing, and maintaining RVs and we are the clear choice in DFW for RV Rental Consignments. What makes us different? Sportsman's RV Rentals has a dedicated team of RV pros whose full-time job is RV's. How is that different? As one of the larger RV Rental dealers in Texas, we don't do this around our full-time jobs, this is our full-time job and we take pride in being the leader. 

Contact us today to see if your unit qualifies for the management program

Where can a RV Rental take you
Hit the open road with Sportsman's RV Rentals. Sportrek 270 in the Teton Mountains
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