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The Complete Guide to Temporary Housing During Construction

The Complete Guide to Temporary Housing During Construction

There are several reasons people require temporary housing. One of them is due to construction. Maybe your house is undergoing a complete renovation. Perhaps you’re building a new home and need a place to stay until construction is complete. This guide will help you navigate temporary housing during construction. You’ll discover a handful of housing options and what to consider during the process.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Building and remodeling a home is a stressful process. The last thing you need is another stressful situation on top of that, so you’ll want to find the right temporary housing while your home is under construction.

Ask yourself these questions before you book a housing option permanently.

  1. What amenities will you and your family need?

  2. How long will your home be under construction?

  3. What price do you feel comfortable paying for this temporary solution?

The temporary housing situation should hit all of your family’s needs, which includes sleeping arrangements, privacy, cooking space, bathrooms, relaxation, workspace, and more.

Determine Priorities

What do you value in your living space? If you plan to live in temporary housing longer than 30 days, you should consider amenities, such as a fully furnished and operational kitchen. Then, you won’t have to compromise your love of cooking. Maybe a fenced-in backyard is important because of your dogs. Make a list of the priorities you’d prefer to have.

What’s the Budget?

Hotels can be expensive, especially if you’re staying in a suite with amenities. You could require multiple rooms if you have a large family. And don’t forget about the pet fees—this price tag could have you spending above budget. Consider what’s the highest price you’ll pay for your temporary housing.

Types of Temporary Housing

Being temporarily transplanted from your home isn’t ideal, but deciding where you will stay is the somewhat fun part. The good news is that there are plenty of options. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live out of a hotel for more than a couple of days? Would you like to try living out of an RV for more than a week? Now is the time to test out if tiny home living would suffice. There’s something for everyone. Continue reading to explore excellent temporary housing options when your home is under construction.

Rent a Room

Renting a single room is a budget-friendly temporary idea. Yes, you’ll sacrifice privacy and square footage, but you’ll meet new people and save money. This option may not be ideal for large families, but for singles or couples, it could be valuable.

Look at different rental rooms on various websites. You might be surprised by what you find. Take a look at finished basement room rentals. You could get an entire finished basement to yourself with a small living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

Consider room rentals with attached bathrooms if you don’t want to share a bathroom. Otherwise, you may have to share a bathroom with a few other rental guests.

Rent an RV

This option may not be one that you had thought existed. Many people don’t know that long-term RV rentals exist, but they do! In fact, that’s one of our specialties here at Sportsman’s RV Rentals. We’re an excellent option if you require more than three months of temporary housing. We’ll even deal with the insurance company directly utilizing Additional Living Expenses (ALE) benefits. These are available to many homeowners for many displacement reasons.

You can treat this time away from your house as an adventure. You have the option to stay put near your property or travel across the country in your RV. Maybe you’ll realize how much you and the family love the RV life.

Temporary Rental Homes

Many people have heard of long-term rental homes, but can you rent a house for a month, two, or three? Yes, you can! Look for rental options that come fully furnished. Then you’ll have furniture, cookware, and other objects available to use.

This option may be the most comfortable one for your family. You could have the same amount of space depending on the rental house size. Save money by preparing meals in the kitchen. Enjoy movie nights with the family from the comfort of your private living room. When you temporarily rent a home, you won’t have to give up much.

Consider Extended-Stay Hotel Rooms

Staying in an extended-stay hotel room is probably the most obvious temporary housing option. Hotels bring many amenities you wouldn’t get anywhere else, but they can feel cramped. This alternative makes sense for people and families who don’t require incredibly long stays.

It will feel like you’re treating yourself to a staycation without traveling super far. You can even enjoy room service! Plus, not worrying about cleaning can provide enough reason to book your stay at a hotel. While the price may vary depending on the hotel’s location, prepare for this to be the most expensive option of them all.

Hotels understand how to accommodate people and families that seek extended stays. You’ll find that the price is different for longer bookings. Plus, you’ll have access to the swimming pool, gym, breakfast, and cleaning services.

Other Temporary Considerations

After you’ve decided what temporary housing you’d appreciate, there are other factors to consider. These include pets, other family members, and your belongings.


All your pets need to vacate the home along with you. Ensure that whatever temporary housing option you choose is right for your pets.


Before construction begins on your home, discuss with the contractor what you should do with all your stuff. Do you need to rent a storage unit for a while? Can you move the items to another part of the home and cover them? Is there a nearby family member who can house some of the belongings in a shed, garage, basement, or unused room? While you’re packing things up, go through the items and get rid of stuff you no longer need.

Opinions of Family Members

Ensure you include other family members living in the house when deciding on the temporary housing situation. Ask them how they feel about the different options. Let them speak and listen to their concerns and ideas. They may not like the idea of taking four sleeping bags into a tent for a month.

Final Thoughts

This guide to temporary housing will help you navigate this difficult process. There are probably more options available than you originally thought, which is great. Refer to this guide when you need it. It will make the situation more digestible and less stressful.

The Complete Guide to Temporary Housing During Construction

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