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Class C vs. Class A Motorhomes: Which One Is Right for You?

Class C vs. Class A Motorhomes: Which One Is Right for You?

RVs have become incredibly popular for many reasons. People love bringing the comforts of home with them while they explore the country. The question is, which motorhome class is right for you? Explore major differences between Class C and Class A to decide.

Storage Differences

Class A motorhomes will have more storage because they have larger closets and pantries. They’re bigger and have more space to store personal items. Class C will vary in size, meaning their storage space will differ. You’ll find more under-bed storage options, along with overhead cabinets and drawers.

You’ll find more storage options with Class As. Class Cs will have some exterior storage, but Class As will have a moderate amount of outdoor storage. It’s the perfect place to put your camping gear and chairs.

Price and Fuel Economy Differences

Class C motorhomes will be less expensive than Class As. That’s not to say you can’t find a Class A in your budget.

Class C will have better fuel economy because they weigh less and have smaller engines. This better fuel economy gives Class C an edge over Class A in the financial department. You’ll find gas and diesel options for Class A and Class C.

Living Space Differences

When comparing Class As to Class Cs, you can’t beat the living space with Class As. When you think about it, it’s basically a hotel room on wheels. You’ll have full-size refrigerators and other appliances. You’ll see large couches, chairs, dining areas, beds, and bathrooms in a Class A motorhome.

That’s not to say that Class C motorhomes don’t have a lot of space; they simply won’t be as spacious. Manufacturers get creative and install multifunctional furniture and items to help save space. The couch or dining area will convert to a bed. A Class A will be the best option if you have a large family or require a lot of space.

Flexibility Differences

Class C motorhomes will shine when it comes to travel flexibility. Many National Parks and US Forest Service campgrounds have length restrictions. If your Class A is too large, you won’t be able to park at that campsite. You’ll be able to handle the vehicle better, park it where you need to, and drive it on rural and urban roads.

Class C will allow for more exploring flexibility because of its smaller size. It has a slight advantage over Class A. You can easily park it at a restaurant or ice cream shop while traveling.

Use the above differences to discover which motorhome class is right for you—Class A or Class C. Either one is a fantastic option—it depends on your preferences. Consider renting an RV to try it out before you purchase. Sportsmans RV Rentals offers Class A and Class C RV rentals in Northern Texas. Then, you can rent which one feels right for you.

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